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South Africa 2003



1/15/2003 - Hammarsdale, South Africa

 My car accident was in 1994 and it was nine years later until I was able to travel back to South Africa with a team to build the Maranatha Church in Hammarsdale near Durban, South Africa.


 Location of the Hammarsdale, South Africa Maranatha Church. Here we are praying over the land before beginning construction.


 Mitch Olsen from St. Paul, Minesota starts the footings process.


  Wood in place for footings and ready for concrete.

 Moving cement blocks into place.


 Dave and Rosemary Tauer from Braham, Minnesota place cement blocks on the footings.


Cristiano Rosa from Elk River, Minnesota surveys his handiwork.


 Ray Erickson from Blaine, Minnesota headed up the work crew. Here he is creating a pillar for extra support.


  Glen Huff from New Hope, Minnesota custom splits blocks to fit.


 Here is the entire group just before leaving Hammarsdale, South Africa for the United States.


We returned to Maranatha Church Hammarsdale, South Africa in January 2007. The church is now ready for a roof. The congregation has raised the funds and before the end of 2007 are projected to have the roof complete.


Cristiano Rosa is originally from Brazil and had fun learning how to really play soccer from neighbor kids.


Glen Huff from New Hope, Minnesota preaching to the Hammarsdale congregation meeting in an elemntary school.


 Dave Tauer from Braham, Minnesota preaches and Bishop Futhi Cabe interpets in Xhosa.


 Pastor Bill from Cambridge, Minnesota preaches a sermon on David and Goliath encouraging the people to over come the giants in their lives.


Glen Huff from New Hope, Minnesota was on his first missions trip to South Africa and he brought along a set of puppets to minister to the children and the kid inside every adult.


 When Glen left he made sure the puppets stayed behind to continue ministering in the community.


Rosemary Tauer from Braham, Minnesota was part of the first team I brought to Jozini in the 1980's for a tent crusade. The same location where we built the Jozini Maranatha church in 1991. We took a drive with her husband Dave to see the completed church. Here we stopped by the road side so Dave and Rosemary could buy a few gifts.


Here Pastor Bill and Rosemary Tauer stand by the church sign on the highway announcing the Jozini Maranatha Church.


 The completed Jozini Maranatha Chruch. Rosemary Tauer from Braham, Minnesota and I had been here in 1987 for the tent crusade. We returned 16 years later to see the completed Jozini Church and work on the Hammarsdale church..

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