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ccm Cross 0004

January 18, 2010
Shalom Childrens Home
Heidelberg, South Africa
  ccm Cross #0004

Shalom Childrens Home

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2441 – cdd *Jesus is the Light*
Cyber-Daily-Devotion by Pastor Bill
Thursday March 11, 2010
Volume 11 Number 11 050

Scripture: John 8:12 
Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” NKJV

A young couple from Heidelberg, South Africa --- Henk andJuanita Van Zyl --- were called by God to start an orphanagefor HIV/AIDS orphans. This is their story to Give God All the Gloryas today January 18, 2010 we built a cross at the orphanage.

Fourteen years ago Henk and Juanita moved to Heidelberg, South Africa to open a new business. Soon after they arrived a local pastor witnessed to Juanita and at the end of the day she accepted Jesus Christ as Lord in her life. Her born again experience included bright lights and a revelation of who Jesus Christ is in her life. A few months later Henk received Jesus Christ as his personal savoir and the desire to start a new business vanished.

Their business desire was replaced by a burning passion to feed the homeless and less advantage. This they did for several months until all the money they had saved to start their new business was gone. Now it was God’s turn.

With their own reserves depleted Henk and Juanita turned to God and prayed for him to provide the means for them to continue. Soon doors were opening and local businesses began donating food for them to distribute

While distributing food they met the less fortunate --- many of which were street kids. These kids had mostly been abandoned by their parents who had died of HIV/AIDS. They did not desire to be on the street
but had no alternative.

Henk and Juanita began to accept these kids into their home. A tiny two bedroom home was soon busting at the seams with street kids seeking help. Again Henk and Juanita prayed and asked God for help if they were to continue providing shelter to the HIV/AIDS Homeless Children. Within days a man stopped his car in front of their house. A man they had never met before directed them to a vacant train station in town. He suggested they contact Spoornet (South African Rail Road) and move their kids to the buildings

The buildings had been thoroughly trashed and needed everything from running water to electric lights. They were allowed by Spoornet to use the buildings and currently have 70 + street kids living at Shalom Children’s Ministry and a staff of 19 to help out.

Since their commitment to proceed God has met their every need. And they Give God All The Glory, by building this cross, for the many miracles they have witnessed in their lives --- all this since Juanita’s born again experience of lights --- and the revelation of Jesus Christ. 

Prayer: Father thank you for the commitment of Henk and Juanita to care for your HIV/AIDS children in Heidelberg, South Africa. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!




Location sign
Site for the cross as digging starts
Glen and Henk chisel the notch for integrating the two beams
Notch is complete
Henk and Glen celebrate the union of the two beams
 Hole is ready to receive Cross
 Cross is lifted
Cross in place
Mixing Concrete
Filling the hole
Burying a Bible at the foot of the Cross
Three previous students --- David, Daniel and Sipho --- took the day off
work to help us in the costruction of the cross.
Declaring God's Glory
in Heidelberg, South Africa
for what the Lord Jesus Christ
did for us on the cross

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January 18, 2010 - ccm Cross 0004