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Mdantsane --- Second Year


1n 2004 we built the foundation footings for the Maranatha Mdantsane Church. This year we are building up the first half of cement blocks.


First on the agenda --- we ordered bags of cement as mortar mix and off loaded it.


Then a truck load of sand to mix with the mortar mix. 3 shovels of sand to one shovel of cement.


Then we added a truck load of rocks. The mix for mortar was now 1 part rocks, 3 parts sand and 1 part mortar mix..


Carefully mixed together with water.


Here Pastor Maxwell is unloading a truck load of bricks.

Then we laid out the bricks in a straight line on top of the foundation we poured last year.


Kevin Pollins of Westland, Michigan places the mortar between the bricks and the process is under way.


Sprinkle in good supervision by Kevin and Pastor Nyaba and the church is growing right around the old one.


Pastor Maxwell pitches in as the bricks line up.


Kevin is determined to make this brick fit properly.


 Pastor Bill surveys the progress.


Kevin and his crew were able to get the walls higher than we anticipated --- the walls are ready for the team next year to take them to the top in preparation for the roof.


Kevin and his team of workers say good by.


Kevin Pollins of Westland, Michigan shares the Word with the church.


Kevin makes guitars for a hobby and brought two along to bless the people opf South Africa. He left one with BaaaBaaa Shadrack and his son Gabriel when we visited them in Newcastle, South Africa. The other one is here for the Mdantsane Church.


Pastor Bill from Cambridge, Minnesota preaches on the merits of giving. We can never out give God.


Here Kevin Pollins says good by to new fiends. One on the left is Pastor Nyaba and on the right is Elder Victor.

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1/15/05 - Mdantsane --- Second Year