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“Christian Cyber Ministries is called by God to encourage Worldwide Christian Growth using the Internet.”

It is widely accepted that 85% of today’s Adult Christians made their first commitment to Christ before the age of 18. The teenage years in Western society wreck havoc with these commitments. It isn’t until many years later that the vast majority of these commitments find fulfillment.

Christian Cyber Ministries has been shown to be a strategic piece in the lives of many, who need a bridge from their first commitment, to becoming a Bible believing church supporter.CCM cross logo 150 px by 150 px

Won’t you help us continue expediting the return of these Christians to their rightful place in God’s Kingdom?



A Walk With Jesus


Pastor Bill,

I wanted to thank you for renewing my interest in God. You would be happy to know I’ve been attending church every Sunday since the 2nd week in January. I credit you and your emails every day for turning my relationship around with God. For that sir God bless you and the work you do. Thanks GP




Our Cross Planting Vision: Plant a minimum of one Cross per state in the United States — Plant a minimum of one Cross per country around the world. Publishing on the internet why the Cross is important and the accompanying testimony.

Our Cyber Daily Devotion Vision: Monday thru Friday publish an internet devotion that brings a scripture, a strong Christian message and a prayer into the lives of Christians, in all walks of life, throughout the world.