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ccm Cross 0128
March 6, 2017

Columba Congregation
Columba, South Africa
ccm Cross #0128


Driving on our way to plant the Cross we traversed gravel roads
and washed out gullies. Work gloves and sun hat protect the
windshield from push beams

Cross beams were stored inside the church awaiting our arrival

Connecting the Cross beams

Everyone pitches in to help


Pastor Malindi joins in and leads the lifting team


Ladies stabilize the Cross by holding the ropes tightly

Mixing sand, gravel, stones and cement to make concrete

Pastor Malindi with Pastor Bill preparing for Testimony interview


The women prepared a delicious luncheon as their part of Giving Glory to God

Church sign welcoming all

The ladies celebrate the Cross

Pastor Malindi attaches the plaque “Giving God Glory”
over Colombo, South Africa and entire ministry area

To God Be all the Glory for the Cross

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