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ccm Cross 0132
March 20, 2017

Strand Renewal Ministries
Strand, South Africa
ccm Cross 0132

                                                                                                                          GPS/DMS 34° 7′ 54.35” S   18° 51′ 44.84” E

Pastor Manfred Jumat and wife Mary

Can you see the angel in this picture?
(I call her Pastor Carol)


Lining up the Cross to the hole


Lifting into the hole




Mixing sand, rock and cement to make concrete


Children look on in excitement


Placing concrete into the hole

Church ladies prepared treats for everyone


  Pastor Manfred shares his testimony with Pastor Bill

Congregation enjoying treats and fellowship


  ccm volunteers Johan and Esther
They have helped us with Crosses in South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi

On the left is ccm volunteer Susan with her sister.
Susan is from Zimbabwe and was visiting family in Cape Town.
Susan blessed us all by shooting the videos for this Cross planting


New church building under construction
(This would be like building a new church in the bullet ridden inner city of Chicago)


Strand Renewal Ministries Congregation
“Giving God Glory” over South Africa
as they celebrate the Cross


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